The training sessions

What happens in the training sessions?

In the training sessions you guide your dog around a course with various obstacles designed to develop both your dog’s agility and your handling skills. The obstacles can be set at different heights and positions, depending on the level you are aiming for, and you can try to complete the course in a set time or at your own pace.

The equipment we use is all Kennel Club standard. And all ‘contact equipment’ – the A-frame, dog walk and see-saw for example – is rubber-coated to improve safety.

We limit numbers to make sure there’s plenty of time given to each trainee to develop their skills.

We can arrange one-to-one training sessions, if you and the trainer feel that it would work best for you and your dog. We also run special training sessions for puppies, separate from the main sessions. Please contact us beforehand if you’d like to talk about either of these in more detail.

Each training session lasts for one hour.

Different levels of training

We organise the training sessions in series or sets of 5, with the chance to move on to the next level after each set of 5 sessions has been completed.

The level you start at or move on to is whatever best suits you and your dog. This includes your dog’s age and fitness level as well as your experience. We’ll do an assessment of this in your first session, to make sure you get the most out of the training. As you both improve your skills and confidence, you’ll get the chance to move on to the next stage.

If you’re interested in reaching competition level, we’ll use the training sessions to help you work towards Kennel Club Grades, as mentioned on our Agility training page (click here for the Agility training page).

Tailor-made training to suit you and your dog

But there’s no pressure on you to achieve any level that you are not comfortable with – we tailor the sessions so that you can enjoy them straight away and over each 5-week course as your ability improves.

The aim of our agility training is, after all, to have a great time as you learn new skills and your dog finds new levels of fitness and confidence.

We don’t want the training we provide to ever stop being fun!

More information

If we can help you with any questions about the training and about us, please do contact us. Click here for the Contact us page.