Agility 4 Fun

About us

Agility 4 Fun runs agility training sessions for small groups of dogs, and provides a network for caring and responsible dog-owners in north-east Worcestershire.

We’re a friendly, informal group, and always open to new members who are keen to develop their own dog-handling skills and improve the health, agility and well-being of their dogs. We’ve just recently launched this website, as a way for our members to keep in touch and stay up to date.

The fun way to learn agility

While we take our responsibilities
seriously, the aim of the training is to have fun – it should be a great experience for your dog and for you as you learn to be a better handler.

If we do ask you to keep to any ‘rules’ as such during the sessions, they’re basically to keep your dog on the lead when it’s not training and not to use any kind of harsh handling – that means no shouting at your dog and no raised hands (or any other type of threat or punishment). Dogs learn best, as people do, when they get encouragement and praise for trying hard and doing well!

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how agility training works and can benefit your dog, as well as dates of training sessions, go to the main heading Agility training above. For more about becoming a member, see the Members page or simply get in touch – details are on the Contact us page.