Agility training

What is agility training?

Agility training is the fun way to

  • keep your dog active, fit and healthy
  • give your dog new skills and confidence
  • help you become a better handler.

It teaches you how to guide your dog over, around or through a series of obstacles that are designed to improve both your dog’s agility and your handling skills.

It’s suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of dog – all are welcomed, just like their owners!

The training methods and the standards we keep to are the ones set by The Kennel Club: click here to go the Kennel Club web page on Agility. The page opens in a new window.

The level you start at depends on your confidence and your experience. You can progress through The Kennel Club grades from Grade 1 (beginner) to Grade 7 as you develop your confidence and skills. This allows you to take part in competitions at each grade, if you would like to and when you and you dog are ready.

More information

To find out more about the different levels or grades, and how the training sessions work, click on the links below:

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about us and the agility training we provide, please get in touch: click here for details of how to contact us.