Achievements 2013-2014

Agility 4 Fun members regularly win awards and progress through the grades. We’re proud to list their achievements here!

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Individual awards


Minnie (owner Cynthia) won at Grade 4 in July 2014, to take her up to Grade 5. That’s excellent progress for Minnie – and Cynthia! – as she’s moved up to Grade 5 from being at Grade 2 at the beginning of 2013.

Lucy (with owner June) moved up from Grade 6 to Grade 7. Lucy had a very successful year in 2014. She took part in several events and won at Grade 6 at Hare ‘n’ Hounds (in April), Dog Vegas (May), North Derbyshire (June) and Lune Valley (July) in both jumping and agility.

Hector (owner Rachel) – from Grade 1 to Grade 2. Rae writes: “[In August 2013] our biggest achievement was winning our first ever First Place in a jumping class at Lichfield Agility show.

“In 2014, Hector went from strength to strength and won another two jumping classes at Anglesey and WBSDS which took him to Grade 2. He also won an Agility class at TAG show in Uttoxeter in August. Our other notable achievement for 2014 was being part of the Agility 4 Fun Team which made it to the finals of the TAG Uttoxeter show.”


Bella (owner Rob) – from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Bella, too, had an eventful 2013-14, winning out of Grade 1 in October 2013 at TAG show and with two further agility 1st places on the same day.

In 2014, she won out of Grade 2 at Wye Valley (April), won out of Grade 3 at Shrewsbury (in October, beating the dog in 2nd place by 13 seconds!). And, to finish the year on a high, in December she won out of Grade 4 at Rugby – her first show competing at Grade 4.


In just a few months from August to November 2014, Sandy (owner Tony) has moved up from Grade 1 to Grade 3. At TAG in August, after a close event that saw him in second place with a clean sweep by A4F members, Sandy won an agility class taking him from Grade 1 to Grade 2.

But they went one better at Shrewsbury in November. Tony had actually left the show without checking the result for Sandy’s last agility run – it was only later that Tony found out he’d won the Grade 2 agility and is now Grade 3!


Hoop (owner Nikki) – from Grade 3 to Grade 5. Nikki and Hoop rounded off a brilliant day for A4F members at TAG in August this year, winning Grade 3 agility (medium dogs) to take them up to Grade 4 and, to finish, winning first place in the jumping class.

But Nikki also demonstrated her excellent handling skills on the day, with a second place for Jenga in agility for large dogs at Grade 4. Nikki and Hoop went on to win at Shrewsbury in October, to move up to Grade 5.


Rio (owner Michelle) moved from Grade 1 to Grade 2 with success in September 2014. (More details will be added here soon.)


Gromit (owner John) – Grade 1. John and Gromit won 4 first places at Grade 1, two in agility and two in jumping, at Adams in July 2014. And this was at his first ever show!


Robbie (owner Sara) – Grade 1. Sara and Robbie were also winners at the first ever show they entered, at Adams Agility in October 2014. Robbie won with a clear round in graded jumping – and was awarded a rosette that’s bigger than he is!

Team awards

Lucy, Jenga, Jack and Hector

At the TAG Uttoxeter show in August 2014, Lucy (owner June), Jenga (owner Nikki), Jack (owner Dawn) and Hector (owner Rachel) won a ‘tag team’ qualifying event to go through to the final.